Bella Hadid Paying to Have 600 Trees Planted

Bella Hadid Paying to Have 600 Trees Planted to Help Reduce Her Carbon Footprint from Air Travel
"It makes me sad how much my job affects my carbon footprint and of how brutally climate change is obviously affecting the world," the supermodel said the Model.
Bella Hadid is joining the growing number of people who are wary of the carbon footprint left by frequent plane travel. The 23-year-old supermodel announced that she will donate 600 trees to make up for the flights that she’s taken over the past three months and cover her emissions through the end of the year.Air travel is one of the leading sources of carbon emissions. For example, a one-way trip from New York City to London emits one ton of carbon dioxide per passenger, “Donating 600 trees to be planted , 20 for each flight I took these past 3 months and probably will continue for the rest of the year,” Hadid wrote on Instagram.

Hadid used the organization OneTreePlanted for her donations.

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