Copy of Testimonials Master 16.02.21

Shoulder Rheumatism

Testimonial by Mark A, on life changing benefits of CBD

10/10, can't recommend enough!

"I have purchased both CBD oil, and a vape, from Biogenic, along with the Smelly Trees fragrance mist.I couldn't be happier with what I've got and the benefits they've provided me with. The variety of CBD products that Biogenic provide enable me to feel energised when I need to be, but also calm/ relaxed when I want to be. The fragrance mist also has a lovely scent, I spray it of an evening when I like to feel sleepy and it helps me fall asleep. 10/10!


Quality products, good descriptions on website

Really nice selection of products, good quality, great packaging. Product descriptions were helpful, other CBD companies can be a bit vague and sparse with their descriptions I find. Arrived quickly. Will definitely order from here again.


WOW what can I say!

“I recently purchased the CBD Vape liquid, WOW what can I say, thoroughly recommend, reasonably priced and also very good delivery time, can’t recommend this product and business enough"


Loved the CBD sleep capsules really…

“Loved the CBD Sleep Capsules really knocked me out! Will take every night very needed! Thank you for suggesting it on FB!"


Incredible Products!

"I have been taking Mind Over Matter, Slay All Day, and Chill the F Out daily for a couple of weeks now and I am absolutely hooked. Every single blend lived up to its name. Mind Over Matter has a blend of cordyceps to stimulate cognitive function, Slay All Day is a matcha blend for energy and acts as a mood booster, while Chill the F Out balances out the day beautifully as a natural relaxant. Seriously, if given the opportunity for a lifetime supply, I would take it all! Thank you!"

Erica S

Ligament Injury Relief

"I’ve been using the CBD High Potency Tincture now for 6 weeks and it has had really positive effect both on a ligament injury in my shoulder which had been persistent for several months, and also my sleep. I have found it has a very calming effect if taken an hour before bed, making it easier to nod off."

Adam C


"The scent of the tree oils is so evocative of wild forests and freshly cut wood that it took me out of the middle of the city - a little bit of freedom! Thank you"

Beth A

Replaced energy drinks!

"I used to have a energy drink everyday around 2-3 o’clock, I replaced that with Slay All Day in my protein shake and it’s amazing! No crash, just feel alert until I’m ready for bed! I love it"

Amanda S


"I'm absolutely delighted with Smelly Trees protective hand sanitiser. It has a lovely silky consistency and gorgeous warm,spicy and comforting fragrance which is a joy to use. It arrived carefully and beautifully packaged with an inspirational quotation and lovely wee note, thanking me for my purchase. So kind and thoughtful, aswell as being a wonderful product, this added wee touch, made it extra special. Many thanks :-)"

Wilma A

Bliss in a bottle

"As soon as I came across Smelly Trees, I knew I would be absolutely in love with the scent. The bottles goes with me everywhere now. Including but not limited to being used in savasana in my classes. Thank you so much for creating it!!!"

Sarah T

Slaying Remote Learning

"Slay All Day has been amazing in helping me get through teaching my diverse learners remotely during this crazy time!!!"

Katherine S

I Feel Alive

"I suffer from insomnia so I always end up drowsy and have brain fog. Chill the F Out helps me get a good nights sleep and slay all day gives just the right amount of pep with no jitters. This is awesome!"

Meghann S