Payment and Orders

What payment methods are accepted?
Apple Pay, PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Google Pay, Shop Pay, VISA. 

Do I need an account to purchase your products?
No, you are welcome to checkout as a guest. 

How do I cancel, amend or return my order?
Please contact info@biogenic.net with your order number. Please note that we are unable to cancel or amend your order if it has already been dispatched. 

How do I track my order?
Tracking information will be emailed to you on the email you provided once the order has been dispatched.

Points and Rewards

How do I use my points?
You can convert your points into rewards by logging into your customer account and clicking on the gold ‘myBiogenic Rewards’ button. 

Is there a limit to how many points I can collect?
There is no limit! Collect as many points as you please. 

Do points ever expire?
Points expire only after 12 months of inactivity.


Are your products safe for pregnant or nursing people?
For breastfeeding or pregnant people, we'd recommend avoiding products that contain Ginseng, Matcha, or Ashwagandha due to the natural stimulant effects in the herbs. There has not been enough research into CBD and pregnant or nursing people so we would recommend avoiding those products. 

Are your products organic, non-GMO, fair-trade, and vegan friendly?
All of the blends are made with organic ingredients, are non-GMO, fair-trade, and meticulously sourced. With the exception of pea protein in Slay All Day, the blends are also Whole 30 compliant, Paleo, and Keto friendly. All products are vegan except the collagen in our You Dew You blend, for a vegan alternative try Better Than Botox.

Although almost all the ingredients (the MCT oil and all of the essential oils) in the CBD range are certified USDA Organic, the hemp is not yet certified, certification is being made possible with recent USDA policy changes. Our hemp is grown using fully organic methods and will be USDA-Organic certified in year 2021. In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at our lab reports where you will see that none of our products have ANY pesticides, heavy metals or residual solvents.

Are your CBD products tested?
Yes. You can see independently tested lab reports on each product page. Our CBD products are triple batch tested as it provides extra assurance that the products have the best ingredients and have been produced using the best methods.

Mushroom and Herb Blends

What is the shelf life of the blends and how should I store them?
These products are fresh up to 18 months if unopened and up to 6-8 months once opened. Please keep your products away from direct sunlight and ideally fully sealed. You’re welcome to refrigerate but there is no need.

When can I expect to see results from the blends?
This can vary based on your needs, most commonly a small amount should be taken daily over an extended period of time. If the herb is to treat a specific symptom like Echinacea for a faster flu recovery take daily as needed (a week or so). If the herb is more for general health, take daily for a longer period of time to see the best results.

Are the products filled to the top?
No – the products are measured by weight or # of servings, not volume. Each product has a different density depending on the ingredients and may settle differently. For the blends, the 2 oz bottles contain 12 servings and the 8 oz bottles contain 45 servings.


Are the CBD products full spectrum or CBD isolate?
In general, full spectrum, broad spectrum and wide spectrum are not scientific terms and mean different things to different people. We prefer to call our products “wide spectrum” because they feature a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The only products in our catalogue that are made with CBD isolate are our vape cartridges. We encourage you to take a look at the Cannabinoid and Terpene lab reports for each product to have an accurate understanding of what active ingredients are present.

How do I know what dosing is right for me?
Every endocannabinoid system is different for each individual and the condition of its receptors at any given time is unknown. The best practice is always to start with the smallest recommended amounts that we indicate on the product packaging. Taking too much CBD has the same effect as taking too little due to its bell-shaped dose-response curve, so we recommend you stick to the dosing guidelines.

How can I understand the lab reports?
We perform third party lab-testing on all our products for cannabinoids, terpene, pesticides, heavy metals, mould, microbes & other microorganisms, to make sure there are no unwanted/harmful elements present. Over 80% of “medical cannabis” concentrates were found to have residual solvent and/or pesticide contaminants. Ours do not.

Will these products make me feel "High"? Do your products contain THC?
No. All our tincture products are formulated from hemp, are non-intoxicating and contain 0% THC. Please refer to our lab results for each product for confirmation.

Will these products make me fail a drug-test?
All of our CBD products are formulated using hemp. Due to drug tests varying in what they test for and their respective limits we cannot legally advise whether or not our products will result in passing or failure of a drug test. If this is a concern, we recommend that you ask your employer about your company policy, before taking any CBD products.

When should I not take CBD?
If you’re taking medication, look out for a ‘grapefruit’ label on your bottle and on the package leaflet. If this is present, taking CBD is not advisable as it could affect the efficacy of the medicine. Common medicines with a grapefruit warning include statins, calcium channel blockers, Ciclosporin and immunosuppressants, Entocort and some Cytotoxic medicines. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend avoiding CBD. There has not been enough research into the effect of CBD on pregnant or breastfeeding people. 

This is just a rough guide and should not be used in place of seeking professional medical advice. Talk to your GP if you have any concerns.