Smelly Trees

Our Story

Smelly Trees was founded by Scottish actress, producer and yoga teacher Carina Birrell. Each bottle is handmade in Fife, Scotland.

"My partner is a tree surgeon who spends his days in the woodland working outdoors everyday with trees and wood, immersed in natural surroundings. One day when getting ready to go out he said to me 'I hate aftershave... I'd wear it if it smelled like trees' As a lifelong lover of natural scents, essential oils, the aromas of nature and the health and mood benefits of bringing uplifting aromatic botanicals into our everyday lives I began experimenting with naturally derived, sustainable harvested tree oils and eventually created for him as a little gift what became the first incarnation of 'Smelly Trees.' A couple of years on and he doesn't go anywhere without it, carrying the small original homemade bottle (pictured) in his pocket wherever he goes. He wears it as aftershave, as well as spraying it in the house and car and constantly receiving compliments on the scent, We began receiving frequent requests from friends, family (and total strangers) who wanted their own bottle of Smelly Trees and would often feedback back that the scent brought a wave of happiness, as well as being both relaxing and uplifting and generally making them feel good when they sprayed it on their clothes or in their homes. I soon found myself diving way deeper into the depths of the magic and science behind the many benefits of simply smelling tree oils and the art and craft of natural fragrance. It was from here that Smelly Trees was born."

I have always believed that nature is our greatest healer, and our senses can be some of our greatest teachers. The sense of smell is fascinating, and particularly special due to its direct connection with our brain, memories and emotions. When we receive a scent through the nose it is processed by our olfactory bulb, which communicates very closely with the brain and causes us to feel a certain emotion and often to recall experiences in our lives related in some way to that scent. (This discussion in collaboration with the Harvard Brain Science Initiative is a wonderful place to begin to dip your toes into the connection between scent and neuroscience).

There are many studies around the connection between aromatherapy, the brain and general health and wellbeing. It is very exciting that we are also now beginning to explore and scientifically comprehend the effects of certain aromatic compounds (terpenes) found in forests and trees on our health and wellbeing... and therefore able to understand why it might be that a walk in the woods or the smell of a Christmas tree just makes you feel so darn good! (see 'The Science Bit' for a selection of fascinating studies and articles exploring forests, tree oils, smell and the connection to our health, stress levels and general wellbeing).

Sustainable. Ethical. Natural

Smelly Trees is made with pure, responsibly harvested tree oils blended in alcohol and pure distilled Scottish water. It contains no nasty additives or synthetic ingredients and remains 100% committed to green business practices. Packaged in glass bottles and 100% recyclable or recycled outer packaging, we are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible.

For every bottle of Smelly Trees sold a tree is planted.

In 2020/21 we are looking to form further partnerships with Tree charities and other Tree Planting initiatives in an ongoing commitment to reforestation and cultivating an environment rich in native woods and trees.

We live in a fast paced world often largely cut off from day to day exposure to nature and valuable time spent amongst trees. Spending time in natural environments and absorbing the healing aromas of terpenes naturally emitted by forests has the potential to do amazing things for our health. For many people today is is not possible to take daily walks amongst woodlands and studies have shown that simply smelling these scents evokes amazing benefits for our bodies, brains, immune system and mood (see 'The Science Bit').

Smelly Trees is a unisex fragrance mist that can be used on your clothes, your home, fabric or anytime you just want to breathe in a deep breath of fresh forest aromas!

Natural Fragrance Mist made with 100% Pure Tree Oils

The aroma of Fir trees, Spruce and Pine form the heart of Smelly Trees unique formula, evoking the feelings and sensory experience of walking through a crisp fresh woodland, combined with the fresh, cleansing and relaxing notes of Cypress, Juniperberry and Lavender.

“Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish” — Munia Khan